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A brutal shoulder charge in Australian rules football (AFL) where a player instead of tackling an opponent, bumps them forcefully in the chest. Often leads to heavy concussions due to incidental contact to the head.
I'm going to shirtfront Mr Putin - Australian prime minister to Russian president in October 2014
by Hack404 October 13, 2014
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Literal: To shoulder charge an opposing player (Australian Rules Football) in the chest/abdomen at full pace with the intent of injuring the player.
Figurative: To confront someone aggressively. To get right up in someone's face and lose your shit.
"Billy shirtfronted the other team's fullback whom is now off to hospital".

"Thommo has been telling the boss that I've been skiving off so tomorrow I'm going to shirtfront him about it".
by Catfishman November 17, 2014
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