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these people are normally the hottest, nicest, prettiest girls around, if they are single, only god knows why?
Wow man she defenatly a shirelle
by philldumffy March 27, 2011
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Shirelle is an amazing friend to be around. She loves to have a party but is very clingy to her friends. She is loved by everyone and always is up for a laugh. Her smile is contagious and Shirelle enjoys helping out others. She is very pretty and doesn’t need to wear any makeup for her to look gorgeous.
Oh my gosh that must be a Shirelle! Look at how gorgeous she looks!
by Smartgal January 15, 2019
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A tall girl with curly hair. Has nice teeth. Weird laugh. Is VERY Childish. Acts tough but weak at a duckling. Bipolar attitude. Chews gum with her mouth open.
DAMMMNN u seen shirelle at the movies I can tell cause she was laughing .
by I'm.frfr January 06, 2018
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