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The combination of shit and lint that collects in a mans ass crack (usually hairy) after a particularly stressful, physically exherting, or otherwise harrowing day. (Could also be the result of wearing new underwear for the first time that shed alot of lint)
Typically, shint is removed in the shower, and its discovery is usually accompanied by a vocalization of disgust by the victim.
After wearing a new pair of underwear on a particularly hot day, Tony – while showering – discovered a mass of shint tangled in his ass hair, and removed it with a noise of disapproval.
by Johnboy75 April 28, 2008
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At the shrine, Kenshi performed shint on Atsue, leading to an intensive spiritual orgasm and pleasure for both partners.
by Shinji April 24, 2003
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the mix of crap and mint that one smells on certain hospital floors.
The nurse thought she was doing her colleagues a favor, but when she was done the hallway smelt like shint.
by AC in SF November 15, 2007
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Simple: a shot + a pint = a shint. Widely known by barmen in the west country, its the quickest way to order your two staple alcoholic beverages.
Can i have two shints please?

How much is a shint in this pub?

Next round on you? I'll have a shint then.
by teeeeeeej June 22, 2013
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Combines the ideas of shiny and hot shit! Used for new tech gadgetry

Comes from a mis-typing of shiny, hitting the t instead of the y
My iPad is the shint!


That guy's blue tooth headset is very shint!
by iscooty June 06, 2010
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