Japanese last name that translates to pure water, anyone with this last name should be respected and praised. Also a city in Japan
Person one: What’s your name?

Person two: Jason Shimizu

Person one: Were you sent here by God?
by Jimmu-san March 24, 2019
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To be thrown under a bus
I can't believe I got shimizued by one of my bro's at work.
by blue birded November 21, 2013
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Kiyoko Shimizu is a beautiful person who is a third year at Karasuno (a volleyball anime named Haikyuu) she is one of their managers. She is a blessing lmao.
person 1:

"Who's that girl??"
person 2:
"That's 'Kiyoko Shimizu' she's is such a blessing!"
by Thottie The Bhaddie June 04, 2021
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Master Vampire and Lord of Translyvania, Takako Shimizu is aided by a redneck King, Lloyd, and his loyal and humble clown servant Lurch. They wage a sacred war against a jewish Werewolf, a male-to-female transexual, and a female gremlin.
Takako Shimizu is so goth his bats shit bats.
by randomperson3781 March 29, 2008
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