Bingeing on sheet cake or some other extremely sweet, gooey, comfort food to deal with great stress, discomfort, or anger.
Last night, I was so beside myself with anger over politics that I indulged in three hours of sheet caking.
by Poor Little Rich Boy August 19, 2017
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/ʃi t keɪkɪŋ/ verb

Based on Tina Fey's appearance on the SNL Weekend Update, sheet caking is the act of binging (or engaging in equally indulgent and compulsive behavior) as a way to pretend feeling sorry for yourself is helpful to those with less privilege than you, especially in a politically tense climate. Also used to maintain denial about one's own complacency in the face of political upheaval and the suffering of others.
She was going to use my day off yesterday to get organized, but she read the news on Facebook and ended up sheet caking with pasta and garlic bread the rest of the night.
by EweBettawerk September 15, 2017
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The reside left over on one's bed sheets after the wet spot dries up. The wet spot consists of semen, vaginal and/or booty juices. The accumulation of this dried, caked up, amalgam of sex juices will vary. Single men tend to have more Sheet Cake than say a married couple.
Roger convinced a chick at the bar to go home with him for sex. While he told her that he was not a man whore and did not have multiple partners, the Sheet Cake on his bed told her otherwise.

Carl threw a party at his apartment. Throughout the evening, he had sex with several hot chicks attending the party. His sexual escapades that night left him with Sheet Cake the next morning.
by Eaton Holgoode May 21, 2015
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When a heterosexual man has sex with a heterosexual woman who is sandwiched between two homosexual men.
I totally didn't have sex with any dudes last night, I just had a San Francisco sheet cake with my old lady and her friends.
by Samsquanche June 28, 2015
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Enjoying being baked as a cake while in the comfort of your bed.
That joint had me straight sheet caked last night I had to wake and bake the next morning.
by Bomberbiff March 8, 2020
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