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1. What Australians call New Zealanders
2. What Virginians call West Virginians
3. What Englishmen call Scots or Welshmen
4. What Northeastern Americans call the Amish
5. What Russians call Central Asians (ie. Kazakhstan, as in Borat)
6. What Argentinians call Patagonians
7. What Danes call Swedes
8. What Swedes call Danes
9. You get the idea....
With the sheep fucker populations the way they are, wouldn't it be more fitting if New South Wales were a province of New Zealand?
by dietcokehead91251 January 29, 2008
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Rubber boots that hillbillies wear from the country. They are called sheep fuckers because you put the sheeps back legs in your rubber boots so they can't get away. Of course I'm not serious, but you will hear some people call them that.
I'm going fourwheeling so I need my coat and some sheep fuckers.
by tinley lyders April 01, 2008
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this is a boy/guy who goes out to his uncle's or family farm to just go and screw the sheep
"Joe Norris is a sheep fucker"Dustin
"we Know"Scott
by Sjester13l May 01, 2009
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