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Refers to a guy who has had a lot to drink (often around 2 A.M.) and seems to think that a certain woman - who is in fact NOT attractive - is a prize to take home - a 10. Upon awakening (figuratively 10 A.M.) he can't believe that he bed the dog - a 2 in the eyes of a sober man. He is awkwardly embarassed and often vows never to drink again in view of his drunken decision. His life is filled with reminders from comedic friends who never let him or his circle of friends EVER forget his encounter.
Scott: "Did you see that acne-cow Max went home with last night!?"
Connor: "How could you miss her! What a dog, and he slept with her?!?"
Scott: "Indeed my friend, after 15 beers he obviously had severe beer goggles only to find out that she was a 10 at 2 and a 2 at 10!"
by psiscott May 22, 2006
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