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just another way to say cool, smooth, sweet, bitchin', fine, etc...
-Guy 1- Dude! check that ride out man!

-Guy 2- Damn! that thing is shazy!
by T0NY C August 18, 2006
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1) That shazy bitch was booty bumpin children's tylenol with a damn turkey baster the last time she got a migrane.

2) My shazy ex-ho is stalking me on a made-up facebook page and calling my bossman posing as my mother.
by sctopshelf January 30, 2010
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A term that combines shy and lazy, similarly to hangry (hungry and angry).
Person A: I'm not sure if I will come to the party..

Person B: why?

Person A: I don't know, I guess I'm feeling shazy.
by Lil seaweed May 08, 2018
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An epic failed attempt to be a porn star.
"How'd that porn tryout go?"
"Horrendous, im just a shazy."
by hiwassa September 27, 2009
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