A non-Jewish male, pejorative. Fr. Yiddish. Masc. of shiksa.
My daughter married a shaygetz, an American Indian, but they gave their son a Jewish name -- Whitefish.
by octopd May 31, 2004
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Yiddish term for a Gentile male in a romance relationship with a Jewish girl. It can sometimes have a derogatory meaning.
1.) Adam Goldman was angry that his slutty Jewish daughter was dating a shaygetz.

2.) Jewish girls in Manhattan and Brooklyn love going out with a shaygetz because they love big uncircumcised cocks rammed inside their pussies.

3.) My Jewish girlfriend loves me because I'm a shaygetz. She enjoys licking the smegma off my uncircumcised penis. She also says it's much more fun and intense to jerk off an uncircumcised cock. Thanks to my uncircumcised cock, I can fuck her faster and more smoothly which results in extreme stimulation of her sexual body parts.
by Pharaoh_John December 18, 2009
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