Shayshay is a strong woman that doesn’t give a fuck about no nigga and will beat a bitch ass if they get out of line and care about friends and family
Hey meet shayshay
by 1234gi February 20, 2019
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geechee for β€œdibs.” commonly used when ya homeboy comes out the cut on a hot sunmer day with a snack and/or drink and ya want some.
β€œMan brah them chips look bussin’. ShayShay.”

β€œShayShay on the drink. Please brah e hot.”
by Geechee843 September 28, 2019
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Going for a shower or about to shower especially after a workout or a long day.
"I'm gonna take a shayshay." "Aye who taking a shayshay." "I just came from the gym ima take a shayshay real quick"
by RegularMinds21 July 29, 2019
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