The epitome of a PR.
Shawmila shipper: Omg Shawmila is so real! They are so cute!!!

Everyone else: Shut up... They are the most obvious PR ever!
by GoatyOOOverTheMoon November 6, 2020
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shawn mendes and camila cabello's ship name. shawmila is a NOT fucking pr. it's real as shawn confirmed it. they will get married soon and have beautiful children; their children as talented as them.
person 1: have you seen shawn and camila perform señorita in toronto?? they fucking killed it!
person 2: yes! they kissed on stage! i'm a shawmila shipper now

person 1: i want shawmila to adopt me.
person 2: i can be your sister
by camilaisbae November 3, 2019
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Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello are the typical high school sweethearts! That were in love since their teen years but were too babies to admit it! But hey! They finally made up their minds and confessed their feelings!
Interviewer: Who sang the song Señorita?
Camila Cabello: This boy from Canada and this girl from Miami I believe, I think their names are CAWN and SHAWMILA.
by ShawmilasChild April 18, 2020
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