Shava is a very trustworthy person. He is loyal and kind person. He try's very hard in a lot of things to get better at it. He is a lucky friend to have, he will be there for you having a bad day. He gives good advice in lots of things.
Girl:So what is the secret that she told you???
Shava:Sorry I can't say
by Soocer_lover11 November 16, 2018
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Shava man is a Malawian slang phrase for a person who is stingy with his stuff or information. Or someone who can be considered a miser.
Max will never share with you the details of the deal, he is a shava man.

I have been to the library five times but could not find the book on the short loan shelf, it is probably with one of the shava men.
by Chinnozz RedAlf April 14, 2021
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It is a term used by children at age 5 when they can’t say fresh avocado sponsored by del taco
Child: mom can o have fre shava cado for lunch
by And I ooooop skskskksks October 22, 2019
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After Kailey got the lead part in the school play, she became such a Na Shava!
by klassik_leea November 22, 2021
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