"Shau", "shaica" are romanian slangs, used for reffering to a person, usually a stranger. When Romanians from Constantza speak to someone, they tend to adress to each other with "shaule".
"Shaule, vii diseara sa fumam si noi ceva ?"
"Aseara m-am vazut cu shaica aia buna din club"
by ralupupu March 23, 2017
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From Persian "Šāhanšāh" or "Shah", meaning "king"; used by Romanians from Constanța to address other people. Being addressed with "shaule" or "shaico" if you're a foreigner is seen as a form of utmost respect - the person is acknowledging that you are a king, just like everyone born in the beautiful port city of Constanța.
Ce adidași mișto avea shaul ăla.
M-am văzut ieri cu shaica aia din Tomis Nord.
by shehzade August 25, 2018
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This dildo is so dirty, it needs a shau.
by Mike Saks September 2, 2005
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Shau is a ray of sunshine inside and out, they may not seem so at first but once you get to know them they fill you with joy. They’re stylish, cool and can make you laugh
I need somebody to treat me like Shau!
by john cartier November 22, 2021
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To give self praise for an event or idea that is yet to happen, but will give positive result.
After we finish this, Boo to the shau, we'll be rich.
by The Fazz December 22, 2008
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shortened version of the term "shut up". The "P" is almost silent, and when used it is ussually shouted in an angry tone.
Shau up! You wanna lose, yall wanna lose tonight?"
by Pete October 30, 2003
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