the design that is created on a person's pants after they shit their pants, sit down and get back up.
"look at that jackass. he couldn't even hold it in until after class. now he's got a shattoo all over his ass"

it is pure coincidence that all of the above sentences end in rhyme.
by VOLTRON89 April 06, 2009
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When someone takes a shit in the toilet and it sticks
to the bowl and still is not removed after flushing, therefore
appearing permanent like a tattoo. Shit + tattoo equals shattoo.
Person 1: "Yo hold it dawg let me take a dump"
Person 2: "Okay man"
Person 1: "Ahh nasty dude I can't go in there someone made a
Person 2: "Sorry"
by Manni Sheikh February 10, 2008
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A permanent brown ring around one's asshole gradually developed from lack of proper hygiene after taking shits.
The best way to prevent the acquisition of a shattoo is to use a bidet regularly - toilet paper alone will only rub the shit pigments into the skin surrounding the anus.
by I am Doktor Penisbutt November 11, 2012
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