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When you are very tired in the shower, and you decide to lie down it is called a shath. Its like a shower and a bath.
I was so hungover in the shower this morning, I went for the shath.
by sirChop December 26, 2005
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The act of taking a shower while laying down in a bath tub full of water. Commonly used to assist victims of hangovers to prepare for the day.
Friend 1: Last night was crazy! I found a ton of bar cabbage.

Friend 2: Tell me about it. This morning I had to take a shath because I couldn't stand up.
by Effen Hix December 17, 2007
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When you plug your drain while taking a shower, so you are taking a bath and shower at the same time.
"Ahh... nothing like a nice, warm shath."

"You smell awful! Take a shath, man!"

"I need to take a shath."
by DanceSingActitout November 07, 2009
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It starts as a shower but rather than standing one lays down as if it were a bath. It is most common in people who just had a rough workout and can barley stand.
"Thursdays workout had me so tired I couldn't even stand in the shower, I needed to take a shath"
by Glocks2Cocks April 18, 2018
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When you take a bath and a shower both at the same time! :D First invented by the Germans in the late 40s they called it a bather. It was said to really mean 'a whales vagina'.
"Lindsee took a shath because she didn't want to take a bather"
by ERIC SHELDON October 10, 2006
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A shath is a half shower half bath. Fill up the tub with the water from the shower nozzle and sit down and let the water collect as is you were taking a bath.
she knew she was taking a shath when her tub was filled with water by the shower nozzel.
by Malalalalarrrry February 15, 2017
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