shat, a clean version of the word shit, meant to be said out loud during school.
Tommy: *dropped his books* SHAT!
Tommy: Shat, its not bad!
by [Ak]47> October 24, 2009
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Originally the past tense of "to shit," but shat has evolved into something more. Shat doesn't share the harsh connotations of "shit," nor does it share it's seriousness.

Shat can be used in multiple fashions, such as "shatty," "shatting," "shatness," and even "shatmaster." It's uses are ambiguous, so even more exotic fashions of use are still evolving.
Shat nub, that shatty movie was, by far, the shattiest shat I've ever seen. It's shatness equaled 1000 Jack Thompson's in a single room. I fucking hate that shatting shatmaster.
by Devin Torres December 15, 2005
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Past tense meaning one has alreadi shit themself and is now in the stages of self humiliation and sadness. Was commonly used to describe dieing people by the Greeks, ie. Damn hes shat it.
Omg i have shat myself,
HAHA u scared him with a mexican hat so he shat himself
by Kyle September 06, 2004
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Derived from the 2 words shit and chat. A shat (verb) is the act of shiting in accompany public bathroom stalls with a pal or stranger and conversing. Sports, women, weather and simply the act of shiting are popular conversation items. Questions and concerns about dysfunctional shit and/or other body disfigurements as well as life in general are also popular among the information exchange.
During a shat, Marcus told me about his secret fetish about masturbating with a hardy potato in his ass.
by Little John's Itch December 07, 2005
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