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a rare and tragic combination of gastrointestinal malfunctions resulting in an embarrasing release of gasseos effluvia and inadvertantly, solid shite (a shart), which, due to the recent consumption of spicy food, simultaneously leads to a distressingly painful case of hotring. A lethal and humiliating combination.
"Dude, gotta go, I just sharted.... Holy fuck, it's shartburn!!!"
by Chiefnutz October 17, 2005
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what happens after a shart
loud gurgling greasy fart

Dude, that one's gonna burn. You'd better cleanup quick, or you're gonna get a bad case of shartburn!

tosses him a pack of baby wipes
by Alpino November 26, 2008
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Shart burn
an uneasy burning sensation in the ring piece, typically extending toward the surrounding anus. Usually, but not exclusively, caused by the continued wiping necessitated by the eructation of fluid faeces.
I think one of the 15 pints I had last night must have come in a dirty glass. I've been pissing out of my arse all day and have terrible shart burn. I've had to get the wife to smear my ring with germoline.
by dogegg February 12, 2012
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The burning rectal sensation resulting from unattended or insufficient clean up after a shart.
Shouldn't have eaten that extra spicy taco, I just let go a shart. Better go for a wipe before you get shartburn.
by Spyderman69 January 24, 2014
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