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1/ a miss spelling of the popular brand of permanent marker made by the US company Sanford and favoured by George W Bush as his writing implement of choice

2/ a localised derisory term, peculiar to west yorkshire, which denotes something as worthless, gaudy or "gay"
chap #1 "i say, do you approve of my new dress shirt, my good lady purchased it"

chap#2 "nooo way dude! that's Von Dutch, no fucker wears Von Dutch, it's totally fucking sharpey"

chap #1 " oh my word i shall return to my domicile and blacken the eyes of our doris"
by macatsuma February 12, 2010
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The god of hair and all thing hair related/ The prophet of global hair companies and also teh true form of hair its self, see hair
Oh my god its Sharpey look at his hair!
by Juan Pablo Angle July 01, 2004
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