Someone who likes drama. They will often appear in (or try out for) every single school play that there is. And can often be seen spending endless hours in or around the drama and chorus rooms of the average high school. Some drama kids are also very involved with chorus. They love to perform and they love the arts. They are also known to take a lot of art or language classes. A small portion of drama kids may also take band.

If there is a starbuck's in the area, they can often be found there after school, on weekends, after a performance, or just about any random time of day(because true drama kids need no reason to go to starbucks). Other hangouts for drama kids are the mall, a bookstore, taco bell, chick-fil-a, and school. Particularly when they are working on a production, drama kids practically live at school. Whether its staying late because of a rehersal or working on a set piece, or just talking with other drama kids, they're there(at school-usually by the drama and/or chorus rooms). Drama kids are also known to get all of their friends and/or family into drama and the arts.
If you go to the school play(or get dragged there by someone against your will), they are usually the main characters. If you repeatedly go to stuff that's sponsered by the drama department or a drama class, they're always there or involved in some way.

"There go all those drama kids again, at starbucks."
by salasalu06 May 24, 2006
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Someone who participates in any or all available theatre/drama productions. To be a true drama kid, one must fit most or all of the following criteria:

-Eccentricity by the truckload
-A flair for the dramatic
-One or more signature sounds not traditionally associated with the English language (a purr, a gurgle, etc.)
-An overactive imagination
-An addiction to some substance, usually caffeine
-Many inside jokes with fellow cast members
-No sense of awkwardness (ex. no aversion to having members of the opposite sex see you undressed/help you dress)
-A sense of humor
-A knowledge of the best coffee shop within walking (or driving, if applicable) distance of the school
Sue: "Hey Bob, can you help me get these clothes off? I'm in a rush."
Bob: "Sure thing."
Sue: "Isn't it a little odd that neither of us find this remotely sexual?"
Bob: "Nah, we're drama kids. By the way, party at the coffe shop after tear down."
by BarbecueSauce February 1, 2009
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A drama kid is someone who spends the majority of their time on the stage/drama room.

You never see what goes on when they are in there. Except in rare occasions when the stage curtains/wall is open and people in the Caf see whats going on.
Drama kids hang out with other drama kids and are generally very flirtatious.
They are some of the coolest kids you will ever know, no matter how nerdy they seem. Many spend their free time gaming, playing Dungeons and Dragons and other drama related things.
Generally drama kids have chosen to spend their high school years on the stage and with that chose become social outcasts. However, the drama kid does not care.
There are two types of drama kids:
The, "OMG, I don't care what you think, so I'll do it anyway." Drama kid, Type A.
and the "Oh, well I'll just be quiet in front of people." Drama kid, Type B

Type A drama kid is the same on stage/ in the drama room, as they are anywhere else, the do not tone down their wildness for your benefit.

Type B Drama kid is someone who acts completely different in front of Drama kids, but shys away in front of others.

Drama kids can be indentified by their, original choices in clothing, and general awsomeness.
"Oh Gosh, Ken is such a drama kid! All he does is talk about DnD and COD!"
by 4everAdramaKid December 23, 2009
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A group of loud high schoolers that don't care about what other people think. They think their stereotype of being attention hogs, loud, and obsessed is hilarious and do nothing to change it. They are fun, crazy, and yes... quite horny. They love singing songs and talking about plays even when they know it annoys others. They dislike preps and jocks because sports are ranked higher than theater and are basically an awesome bunch of people.
"Are you going to see RENT?"
"Hell yea... 525,600 minutes, how dooo youu" proceeds to sing.
Jock yells- "SHUT UP"
Drama kids laugh and sing louder.
by bearhugs May 19, 2006
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(n) group of children who can talk in any accent, any form of feeling and then snap out of it in a second. Drama kids usually don't care what people think about them because they all think that they'll be famous and show all the kids that made fun of them throughout school by being in hollyword and broadway. They tend to spontaneously burst out into any broadway song and act with any other drama kid standing in close proximity. When really the farthest they'll get is probably in crapy comercials and comunity theatres. The more you suck up to your director, the better part your gonna get, promise.
The Drama Kids know how to have a good time.
by kotymax July 23, 2009
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Drama kids are the bees knees. They are the kids that have a all acess pass to every clique, and they do not have a clique themselves. They are very lovable, unique, and funny. They make songs at lunchtables, listen to theater music, and have the time of their lives. Dislike preps and jocks cause they have no life at all. :) ha ha i'm a drama kid, and all above describes me. But really drama kids are the ones that if you were stuck at the bottom of a well, you would spend hours singing songs, and talking about whatever. They are truly the coolest people you will EVER meet.
by Sierra M February 15, 2009
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Drama Kids are the main kids that act and are behind the scenes in all the high school plays and musicals. They all have strange obsessions with dancing and Broadway show song lyrics. They hang out with the Teen Hippies, dress "originally ", sometimes parade around campus with stupid posters about how everyone should stop eating meat and join the Peace & Justice Club or Gay/Strait Alliance. They are mean to everyone that's not a Drama Kid or Teen Hippy and enjoy traveling via bus to San Francisco and other destinations to see Broadway shows so they can buy its soundtrack, listen to it forever and sing them during lunch to everyone that doesn't want to hear them or care.
Damn those Drama Kids. All they do is lay about at lunch, eat their organic food and talk about how theater is far better then books or movies. DAMN THEM! Go to UCSC already! I hope you all overdose during your nightly drug party with all the other Drama Kids and Teen Hippies!
by All Drama Kids Annoy Me June 9, 2005
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