A large, powerful or looming object or person
a: shit dawg, why you hittin on that big ass girl, she's fuckin' SHAQ DIESEL!

b: Damn, you see homeboy's new truck? That bitch is shaq diesel!

c: Man, you see that asshole get decked, fuckin' layed out?! He layed a shaq diesel beating on that queer ass!
by Cameron Aloysious April 6, 2004
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The well known basketball star Shaquille o'neal who is too sure of himself and is good but is only dominate becuase he is massive. This is his rapping name. It is a tragedy that he even made music. People get upste with people like hilary duff who go from acting to singing, but they are much more talented and they basically have zero talent so that says somethin.
Dude1: Have you heard shaq diesel's album.

Dude2: Yea what the f*** was that. He should stick to basketball...Wait, he isn't very good at that either.
by Mos Def And Kweli are Blackstar February 26, 2005
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A vest worn by 1990's hip hop artists, rap stars, wannabes and wiggers, usually extra puffy and shiny makes a city boy look country and rugged but shiny and puffy contrast gives it a urban stylish look with a feminine flare
Homeboy wore his Shaq Diesel to the club and was asked if he was out duck hunting.
by Berubez October 18, 2017
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