2 definitions by Cameron Aloysious

A large, powerful or looming object or person
a: shit dawg, why you hittin on that big ass girl, she's fuckin' SHAQ DIESEL!

b: Damn, you see homeboy's new truck? That bitch is shaq diesel!

c: Man, you see that asshole get decked, fuckin' layed out?! He layed a shaq diesel beating on that queer ass!
by Cameron Aloysious April 6, 2004
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Fake ass group of wannabe gangstas trying to front in their li'l white suburbia. Distinguish themselves by wearing white baseball caps ( eerliy similar to those white hoods...)
Damn, those Blue Spruce fags be weak as hell! Pro'ly went to their parents KKK meeting and though it'd be fun to start another shit ass group.
by Cameron Aloysious April 6, 2004
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