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n. or adj.

1. someone who is very ambitious

2. the perfect friend/boyfriend/husband
3. takes pride and passion whatever he sets his mind to
4. A great leader; is very influential to others

5. physically good looking and charming
6. confident but very modest; kind person
7. very intimate and sexually rough
me: How did last night go with your date with your boyfriend?

friend: He's so shaniyat! He knows how to treat a woman in bed.

friend: I could not have won this award by myself. I dedicate this to my friends and family. We did it together.

me: You are so good at what you do, but you are shaniyat about it.

me: Rodgers got hurt so many times in last night's game, but he kept coming back.

friend: He has shaniyat about football. It's what he lives for.
by mrswagofamerica January 09, 2012
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