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a really cute girl that is very athletic and knows how to flirt!
A: Did you see Shanel outside running!

B: yea,i saw evrything

A,B: DAMN!..she sexxy! ;)
by footbal 26 star July 07, 2011
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Peccadilloes shows rule.
by James Messina August 11, 2006
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A stunning girl with a great personality! Shes cute, short and really funny... Loads of boys have crushes on her because of her personality! Shes funny and loves (i mean loves) sport... Shes plays lots of sports... including Basket ball, Hockey, Tennis, and soccer.
lily: "Hi Shanel!"
Shanel: "oh hey Lily!"
lily:"wow you look awesome"
Shanel: "So do you"
lily: 'Well bye"

When Shanel walks out of earshot
lily: "ugh i'm so jealous of her body... Shes perfect!"
Shanel: "Thanks Lily you too!"
Lily: "teehee"
by Foxy29304 November 14, 2018
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She is short and goofy. She is a loving and caring person.she do not fuck with fakes. She love all her hater. She love long relationships. She only love one of her ex.She speaks facts. She have a big booty and she love to sing. She only live with her mom. She love to play fight and she a freak.
A: You seen shanel walking
A: Imma get me one.An she got a big booty!!
B: Me to imma find me one.
by Mamadow May 05, 2018
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Somebody who laughs a lot. She is very energetic, and bouncy.
Person: Hey Shanel!
Shanel: OMG HI!!!
Person: How are you?
Person: Okay... bye.
Shanel: OMG BYE!!!!!
by Chantarah February 19, 2009
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a gay faggot he loves sucking dick, takes L's every day. is big fat blue whale. he thinks he is strong but he can only bench press 0.2 lbs.
want to be a Shane L just suck dicks and eat a lot until your fat
by pussy sucker 90000 April 25, 2018
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Gay ass, ..caring but can be extremely jealous sometimes

She is very good at flirting, and also a bit shy, she doesn't talk much, and is fat in size
by Lovah1234 November 28, 2020
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