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The act of (knowingly or unknowingly) screwing someone over.
Tim: I wanted a good house but I got shaned and got a crappy one.
Bob: Word
by Snoop Da Loop January 16, 2009
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To sacrifice someone in order to survive, most commonly done in a zombie apocolypse
on a run to get supplies, I shaned my buddy in order to get away from the zombies
by We Can SURVIVE February 12, 2012
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When someone just joined a stream and the streamer decided to end it.
''ร joined someones stream last night, when I got there I got Shaned big time''
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The act of rambling on and on about random things.
Boy: So i got back to NC and I was trying to buy some more of that Monster. FUCKING CAN'T FIND ANY. My nipple itches.

Girl: I-

Boy: I couldn't find it in the Wal-Mart here. I'm gonna shake it up in the store next time.

by mama rina October 17, 2010
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The act of eating massive quantities of food in a very brief amount of time by taking great white shark sized bites out of the food item being consumed.

Secondary Definition:

To make food disappear instantaneously.
When the Zorf offered a half sandwich to Hoof Hearted it was intercepted by Migraine Headache Boy and shaned before Hoof Hearted could verbally respond to the offered sandwich.

Bob was starving after a hard day at work stuffing down pillows. Upon arriving home he proceeded to order an extra large pizza. When it arrived, he immediately shaned it. Authorities were unable to find any trace of said pizza...
by The Zorf Hath Spoken September 22, 2010
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Brighton/London slang

1 To be beat down physically or verbally.
2 To be beaten at a game of some kind.
3 To be mocked so badly, that you can never show your face in public ever again, leaving you with only one means of socialization: the internet.
1 Boy 1: Did you see that guy getting yelled at by that lass?
Boy 2: Yeah yeah! He was getting proper shaned!


3 Girl 1: Ugh! Look at tha scene twat with her extentions and converse.
Boy: But you wear extentions and converse.
Girl 2: Oh! Shaned.

by ohnoes! February 16, 2007
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