1. A sex position used by older people in late 70's.

2.Russian chechens who throw fries at others.

3. Use to describe a gay person
Why did you give me that shamay at the retirement home last night?

Ohh my god shamay I am going to hurt you if you keep throwing those fries at me.

Dude why are you such a shamamy today?
by Hoodballin May 13, 2008
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Shamai is usually shy when you first meet her. Once you get to know her,you see her real personality. Shamai is a funny, talented, crazy, girl. She will have your back no matter what! When she gets angry,she will just ignore you. Shamai is an easy girl to fall in love with. When she crushes on a guy,she really crushes on a guy. Any guy would be lucky to have her. There are only a few girls named Shamai. Her name means brave and a warrior. Shamai has a great taste in fashion and always checks to make sure she looks good. Anyone is lucky to have a Shamai in their livess!
Girl 1:Have you seen Shamai's outfit today?
Girl 2: Yasss it was so cutee
by todooshure March 10, 2014
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Shamai is a word for a guy who is talented,brave,funny,shy,and smart.He is also a guy who is very strong and much of a muscular guy at fighting.He's also a guy who is really cute and sexy.Hes also more of a dresser who wears very nice shoes and clothes and he always has peoples back anybody who meets a Shamai like this is very lucky to be with.
Shamai is very funny when you around him.
He's also very cute to resist.
by Shamai December 22, 2016
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Its an indian name which is really unique and only person on god damn planet of 7 billion people has this name


I love my name
by None of ur businessss November 25, 2021
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a Woman who thinks she is like Gordon Ramsay
YOU: hey shamay WOMAN: I AM THE NEXT GORDON RAMSAY my name will be SHAMAY
by THBEON January 27, 2021
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