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A method of making crystal meth in small batches without a heat source. The method involves mixing and shaking ingredients in a container, such as a 2 liter soda bottle. By preparing the drug in small quantities, cookers can avoid purchasing limits on over-the-counter medicines. Addicts can also prepare their own supply, bypassing dealers. Shake and bake meth can be prepared in bathroom stalls and moving vehicles. The chemical reaction involved in shaking the ingredients can create an explosion, and the drug itself has obvious health risks. Also called “one-pot” and “on the go” meth.
Know where I can score some meth?

No, but why don’t you just shake and bake your own?
by acidnoir January 11, 2012
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phrase used when someone did something completely awesome
or when something completely awesome has just been said
then you and that other person you are conversating with pound fists.
jullian's friend; "Man, i can't believe you hooked up with that girl Kirstie, dude she HELLA FIIINE!"

jullian; "i know right."

jullian's friend; "Shake and bake"

*fist pound*
by keewahbee February 07, 2008
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Military jargon. Refers to the use of a combination of anti-personnel and incendiary ammunition, especially in the use of artillery. The anti-personnel ammunition-such as high-explosive artillery rounds-deal with infantry, while incendiary rounds destroy enemy equipment and ammunition or fuel stores as well as setting fire to nearby tents, trees, and other surroundings.
During the war we did a Shake and Bake on an enemy fuel dump; you could see the burning gasoline for miles!
by imtheonlysane1here May 19, 2011
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Refers to a quote someone says when somebody is extremely confident about something.
Jack shoots a half court shot, " shake and bake son"
Tom gets lucky with lucy " shaaake annd baaakee"
by Drymartini December 16, 2012
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Slang term for the process of making homemade crystal meth. Very popular in rural states such as Tennessee and Kentucky. Ingredients consist of several household chemicals mixed with crushed up cold pills containing ephedrine in a 2 liter soda bottle. See also pillbilly.
Did you here about those stupid pillbillys from Tennessee? They were making some shake and bake in the back seat of their car, and the bottle exploded.
by thebasher November 11, 2009
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To sprinkle some "shake" or yae on some "bake" or weed, roll a blunt and smoke it.
bro1:"hey man i wanna shake and bake, you got any weed?"
bro2:"yeah bro you got some shake?"
by sebastian crucial December 06, 2006
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A retaliatory action where a man jerks off in a girls purse, closes the purse, and then proceeds to shake the purse so all the contents inside have an even coating of jizz on them.
Dave: Did you hear what Mike did the other night to that chick he hooked up with?

Mike: No man, what did he do?

Dave: Apparently, the girl stopped having sex with him once her boyfriend called and she decided to leave. Instead of being blue balled Mike jerked off in her purse, zipped it up, and shook it up in retaliation while she was in the bathroom cleaning up.

Mike: Holy shit, he shake and baked her real good. I bet she was pissed.
by Theshakeandbakemaster October 05, 2010
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