A method of making crystal meth in small batches without a heat source. The method involves mixing and shaking ingredients in a container, such as a 2 liter soda bottle. By preparing the drug in small quantities, cookers can avoid purchasing limits on over-the-counter medicines. Addicts can also prepare their own supply, bypassing dealers. Shake and bake meth can be prepared in bathroom stalls and moving vehicles. The chemical reaction involved in shaking the ingredients can create an explosion, and the drug itself has obvious health risks. Also called “one-pot” and “on the go” meth.
Know where I can score some meth?

No, but why don’t you just shake and bake your own?
by acidnoir January 12, 2012
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Slang term for the process of making homemade crystal meth. Very popular in rural states such as Tennessee and Kentucky. Ingredients consist of several household chemicals mixed with crushed up cold pills containing ephedrine in a 2 liter soda bottle. See also pillbilly.
Did you here about those stupid pillbillys from Tennessee? They were making some shake and bake in the back seat of their car, and the bottle exploded.
by thebasher November 11, 2009
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To sprinkle some "shake" or yae on some "bake" or weed, roll a blunt and smoke it.
bro1:"hey man i wanna shake and bake, you got any weed?"
bro2:"yeah bro you got some shake?"
by sebastian crucial December 6, 2006
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to shake the sheets up and then get high
(to have sex then smoke weed)
hey baby lets go shake and bake
by kate51351361 March 7, 2007
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it is when you masturbate/jerkoff untill you are about to cum/climax and then you put yur penis inside of a womens vaina and make sure she gets pregnate. there for you shake (jerk off) and bake (her being pregnante and baking the baby in the womb... lol)
fuck off with the example... and go shake and bake as soon as possible
by adin butler and justin uglem December 4, 2011
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have sex at the beach and supersoak the girl on her stomach. roll her over on the sand and when she rolls around you have shake and bake where the sand sticks.
guy: oh shiznit i supersoaked you
girl: omg im rolling around
guy: thats shake and bake biyach.
by WhitePOW November 9, 2007
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While plugging smoe snapper on the beach, the art of yanking the meat flute out, shoving it into the sand, and going right back in the baby chute.
Mike: Hey, i went out with Courtney last night and we hit North Avenue Beach.

Jed: Did you do the shake and bake on her?

Mike: Damn straight kid, there was sand all up in her snatch and she was pissed!
by da ali g July 28, 2006
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