Arabic word meaning
1. age period between 20 to 40 years of age (prime youth)
2. leader like "shabab ahl-e-jannat" meaning leaders in heaven.
"shabab ahl-e-jannat" meaning leaders in heaven.
by muhammad shabab javed March 30, 2005
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Used in Berlin, means something like ''dikka'' or ''digga'' or just bro
Ey shabab was geht ab?
by Kuli50 May 4, 2023
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used for an individual who is attracted to minors and men
most commonly seen as a proffesional pedophile
your such a shabab!
by youngest neek February 21, 2022
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A cocky person, usually of a small stature and of the Muslim faith.
Guy 1-Hey Shababes!
Guy 2-You're an asshole!
by JohnQDenzelBaby May 2, 2008
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A cool and awesome guy who is also really smart and cool and funny and awesome
Y'all know this party gonna be lit coz shabab is coming!
by Meatloaf man November 21, 2021
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A hot tall brown boy who is smart and cool.
"Hey, is that Shabab?"

"Oh yeah it is, he's so cool"
by joshlemington September 7, 2022
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"/shab-ab ta-g(j)a-möa/" An adjective used to describe when people (especially men) are uniquely sarsageya (chav guys in Egypt). People avoid shabab tagamoa in Egypt.
"Fire Yasta"
"Man are you from Shabab Tagamo3???"
by skaeee April 22, 2023
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