1) sexier than sexiest
2) one who is physically attractive in an extreme sense; 2a) one who is hottttttt
3) a widdle bunny
5) a scarecrow
7) a term used by guys to describe the girls into whose pants they wish to get
8) a term used by liars to describe their girlfriends
9) not me
10) a term used to describe a person whom one loves very dearly and wishes to take on one's journey to Utah to conquer the Mormans
12) German porn...
Prince is totally lieing when he says I am sexiester. He's actually talking about himself.
by dont_ask_stupid_questions December 14, 2004
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German Porn of course! Gloria Scott is totally the greatest german porn too. I found out the meaning to this as my girlfriend and I were argueing who was sexier. She said I was sexy, then I said she was sexier, the she said I was sexiest. So I told her I had the ability to make up words and called her sexiester. When I looked it up online I found tons of German Porn sites.
Gloria, you are totally sexiester.
by Gloria's Prince December 12, 2004
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beyond sexy. too hott for this world :
that 2peh is tha sexiest.
by nenabee December 1, 2004
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A girl that makes you drool by just looking at her
by Youre my one and only January 11, 2016
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Me: “u see that sexy girl over there?”
Friend: “Yh what about her?”
Me: “that’s zilan and she’s the sexiest”
by Tgrgr1 November 15, 2019
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