Zilan is a really cool girl that is tall and elegant. She is a happy go lucky character and loves to socialize. She is sweet and caring and has the best sense of style. Zilan is a great dancer and the best of friends
That Zilan is so cool
by gogogoohlaylaylay February 26, 2018
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Zilan is a hot gurl,the boys love her.She is a beautiful girl with a Perfect figure
Look at Zilan,she is hotter than you!9
by Thehumannamedhuman April 15, 2019
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Zilans are usually alcoholics. They carry a bottle of alcohol where ever they go and will not hesitate to get drunk in any situation. Even at her workplace or in school.

Zilans are really small. Like the smallest person you will ever see. She is a small bean and you wanna poke her cheeks all the time.

She probably is saving herself for allah even though she is christian that is a secret atheist.

Zilans have the best sense of fashion as they will show up in grey sweats and grey sweaters and the same hairstyle always.

If you know a zilan that hasn't died of lung cancer yet, she hasn't got many time left as she is a chainsmoking bitch.

Her biggest accomplishment is her sugar daddy business. She most definitely has a new sugar daddy every next week. She also sells sexual favours from friends for money, so beware!

All that apart she is really cool and one of the most genuine bitches out there. If you know a Zilan you're blessed for eternity. Mainly because her knees are so soft and comfortable.
Girl: "Is she drunk in school?"
Boy: "Where does she have the money to get drunk all the time from?"
Charlotte: "Wow i love this bitches knees"

"She's a Zilan"
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Zilan is the most authenthic girl i've ever seen. Zilan is tall and intelligent. She is very fun and reliable. I feel lucky for knowing her. She doesn't love herself a lot. I wish she could see how perfect she is.
by November 21, 2021
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