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Somebody who is willing to have sexual intercourse with someone based on instant attraction, due to their predisposition to sexual acts in general.
Ele: I just saw him across the club and next thing I know we were having sex.
Dora: Oh, you are such a sex fiend!
by PuffGirl April 26, 2009
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a person male or female who is sex crazed and always horny they can't get enough sex and that includes masterbation also known as a sex addict.
Man 1:Damn my bitch is a sex fiend from hell, she always wants to fuck im getting too tired for this shit.

Man 2: Dude i don't see your problem.

Man 1: Why don't you fuck her then and see how long it takes you to get tired you mother fucker.
by ApacheWarrior November 15, 2009
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One who is in constant need of sex (in the form of intercourse, masturbation, etc.)
1. d00d: I can't stop humping my pillow.
mang: d00d, you're such a sex fiend.

2. d00d: Did you knock that pussy hard?
mang: d00d, I need more pussy!
d00d: Mang, you're such a sex fiend.
by Furious Masturbator April 07, 2004
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