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A sexual act between a male and female in which the male enters his penis in both the female's vagina and anus in alternating fashion, much like the motion of a needle on a sewing machine.
Wanting to satisfy both of her holes, Bob gave Betty the sewing machine.
by Vee-nus June 12, 2008
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(male variation) typically when one man uses the shaft of his penis to tickle the entire length of another man's penis by quickly tapping with the girth of penis #1 up and down the side of penis #2. This is called a sewing machine for the fast rhythmic pattern used by penis #1, also typicaly noted for making man with penis #2 hum with joy like a sewing machine.
Sometimes a man just needs the sewing machine to run on him for a while. Once you sew you wanna blow.
by Def king 5000 February 27, 2015
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