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Sewanhaka is one of the 5 schools in the Sewanhaka District, which also includes Floral Park HS, Carey, Elmont, and New Hyde park. Sewanhaka is located in floral park, near stewart manor

Sewanhaka isnt that bad, but kids as young as 8th grade get suspended for drinking and smoking on school grounds. we have several teen pregnancies a year, more than teachers usually, and underclassmen constantly sneak off campus to go get food at manor when that priviledge is usually reserved for seniors only. If you go to sewanhaka, you most likely have gotten drunk/high a lot. there's nothing else to do here. you get drunk, go to manor for food, go get more drunk, end up at wendy's or taco bell, get high, end up at sewanhaka's track at 3 am. the guidos at our school think theyre the shit and that they own the school. the guido girls are always instigating fights for no reason and theyre really pussies anyway. most ppl have mommy and daddy's money for coach bags and juicy sweats and ecko shit. truth is, sewanhakans are posers, preppy wannabes, and SLUTS. By senior year, the % of virgins left is less than 15.
hey where do u go to school


what do u do for fun

get drunk

and what else?


thats it?

well, you can go chill at the parking lot of wendys or taco bell, or go see some of our stupid "all-italian" girls go beat up some carey bitches


or you can go get drunk, high, and have sex. thats what we do. SHS pride!!!!!
by DebLidowskySux January 16, 2008
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the shittiest school ever. full of poseurs, wankstas, and budding emphysema patients/AA members. thank god i'm graduating in '05.
sewanahaka high school sucks.
by le misanthrope July 01, 2004
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