A town infamous for its incredible amount of underage drinking. It's not until adolscents leave Floral Park do they realize how great of a town Floral Park is. A good night will end in/on one of the following places..Wendys, the diner, or some random strangers lawn. The real champs don't make it home. And if you do, you don't remember how.
by RObert Neglants July 14, 2006
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This town consists of drunk and blazed teens. People go to “town” or an open house and just drink and smoke. That’s what really happens around here. People just get drunk and high. It isn’t very surprising seeing that this town promotes drinking. I mean if they didn’t then we wouldn’t be in the Guinness Book of world records for having the most amount of bars per a square mile. If they didn’t promote drinking then there wouldn’t be 3 beer distributors that are walking distance from town or bellerose that sell to teens. It's great. You go to the square or wendy's on a Friday night and you're going to run into teens that are drunk or stoned out of their minds. There's no doubt about it. That's whats great about this town, you can count on running into drunk and blazed teens. You've gotta admit, it makes life a lot more interesting.
Teens in Floral Park discussing what they did:
#1-what'd you do yesterday?
#2-drank, hung out, went to town, then wendys, then just walked around aimlessly, you?
#1-haha i did the same.
by boredd July 26, 2006
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fuck that.. floral park is the greatest town to live in.
true it has some boring nights but no other town is like fp.
typical day/night in floral park: wake up late from a severe hangover trying to remember what the fuck happend last night,get pizza from village,go home and get ready for that night, have village once again, go for a beer run at mertle without showing any id and have a nice chat with frank, go to one of the many open houses, get drunk and/or high, maybe you'll even see anette walking uptown or eating at wendys and by the end of the night you're probably passed out and you somehow get home.
if you're lucky you wont have any run ins with officer fat-ass.
guy1: yo that cove party last night was fucking ill
guy2: sorry i dont remember it
anette: yes, yes it was ill

floral park owns.
by Mary Jane July 11, 2006
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I live in a town called floral park, where apparntly the drinking age here is 12 and drugs are legal. The Floral Park cops have nothing better to do on their time ..so they like to kick you out of parks when its after "dusk". If a cat is stuck in a tree... we might need 6 or 7 cops for that.. and here in the daring town we need under cover cops and Suv's .. you know cause were that bad in this small town. "BEER" yeah thats hidden in bushes and saved for the next weekend. Wendys and Village Pizzeria is were all the drunkies hanogut to get munchie food.. and for sure on a Saturday or Friday night.. 80% of Floral Park is most defantely DRUNNNKKKK..... FLORAL PARK = ALCHOLICS.. tell me why there are more hen 5 bars in the matter of like 2 blocks....Floral PArk was meant for YOUNG DRUGGIES AND ALCHI'S :).................... AND ANYONE WHO LIVES IN FLORAL PARK... ALL KNOW WHEN ELSE FAILS.. WHEN BEER ISNT ACCESSABLE SHOULDERTAP.. WEEKENDS ARE NO LONGER FUFILLED WITH OUT DRINKING

ps: whoever wrote that comment aboce should go fuck themselves your just jelous because your sober on the weekends and have nothing better to do.

Floral Park : known for the most amount of bars in maybe a squared mile, underaged drinking, and everything else thats illegal.
by Smosh October 11, 2006
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Floral Park
as much as all of you may hate that small mile by a mile universe that contains a little over 15,000 residents your fate determines that you too will raise your abercrombie wearing children here. you will inevitably drive a mini van with a sticker that says lax on it. and you will plan block parties. you will smoke pot with your friends even when you are 50 in your backyard. you will let your kids drink with their friends in your basement because that's what your parents and your friends parents allowed for generations.you will go to the bars uptown no matter how old and grey you get. no matter where i go or who i encounter i realize there is no place like floral park. the people are distinctive from the rest of the long island jappy crowd. i consider myself lucky to be raised in such a sheltered community. granted the drugs and drinking are a tad insane i believe it is a great place to raise a child, and you should too! so dont make fun because you will end up there, probably in the same house you grew up in. i for one can't wait to drive around that boring town and see annette and all the locals, everywhere else changes, floral park doesnt.
Floral Park, is like no other place in the world. You'll learn to appreciate it.
by Katie A. McCabe December 10, 2006
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Floral Park is one of the gratest towns to lve in. If you love to drink and get fucking high, Floral park is the place to be. All of the kids in Floral Park start driking at approximatly the age of 12, and drugs arent that far behind. Wether you drink in a buddy's yard, the streets, a party, the school bleachers, the sump, or the cove, you WILL find a place to get absolutly tanked. No doubt in my mind Floral Park kids would absolutly rape kids from any other town in drinking. Now being in college i finally realized what Floral Park has done for me, it taught me how to drink, nobody can or ver will outdrink me here in collge, all thanks to Floral Park. Greatest place on earth.
Kid 1- Wanna get drunk?
Kid 2-(slaps kid 1 across the face) is that a fucking question? We live in Floral Park...asshole
by BriCT November 15, 2007
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town on Long Island where the only two things you can get accomplished are:
1) getting drunk
2) getting a manicure

(and i dont mean that in a bad way!)
floral park town layout:
5 bars and 3 nail salons in a 2 block strip
playing the one mile radius game is just impossible.. scholars lost these facts back in the 60's)
by Jameson Fallon McCarthy November 9, 2006
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