1. The highest measure of how much a man wants to fuck a woman based on her level of attractiveness where zero dwarfs denotes the least desire. The phrase derives from the tale of 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs' indicating why seven is the highest accolade a woman can receive. If she is given a seven she is termed a snow white.

2. The highest measure of how many times, positions or different areas of the body a man wants to fuck a woman in one meeting.
1. "She is wifey material. Seven dwarfs."

2. "Shit she would get seven dwarfed from all angles."
by Sir Pink Panther April 11, 2006
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A condition where a person takes on one of the emotions and personalty of one of the seven dwarfs possibly multiple times a day and or week.
"Seven Dwarf Syndrome "
It's gotta be tough having Seven Dwarf Syndrome, you never know which one of the Seven dwarfs she is going to be today, oh it looks like we got Grumpy.
by David Kahn January 26, 2009
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