A character on the hit dramedy, The OC played by Adam Brody. He is adorkable, charming, cute, sweet, and funny. Girls go crazy for him
Where can I find myself a Seth Cohen?
by TaterTots February 29, 2004
The guy who suddenly made it cool to be a geek.
Hey, be more like Seth Cohen and then we can date.
by Brooke February 16, 2005
A quick-witted, self-loathing individual residing in Orange County California who is used as a method of comic relief.
by milkhair.com February 10, 2004
Just like my boyfriend- cute, darkhair, light skin, a Jap, a dork, immature, histerical, cute, "jewish", likes comics, jealose, amazing,sweet, the best guy eveeerrr
My jared is just like Seth Cohen fromt he O.C. only even cuter.....
by AnNa BaNaNa March 23, 2005