When you have to block out time in your day to have sex because apparently you didn't have anything else to do today.

Unlike a quicky session sex is not.

Wondering what to do with your those annoying extra hours in your day? Ask your doctor if session sex is right for you.
by Shellsnell1 January 15, 2018
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A new form of time; a sex session usually means 30-40 minutes for the larger, more masculine male, or, 10-15 for the smaller, whimpier male.
Guy #1: Yo guys! How long will Jamal take to arrive here?
Guy #2: He said he'll be here in about a sex session.
Guy #1: Duuuuddee, he's so big, I can't wait THAT long.

Guy #1: Hey, have you seen Steve? He's missing out on halo!
Guy# 2: Yeah, he said he'd meet us here in a sex session.
Guy #1: Oh, sweet, he'll be here soon then.
by Lucas Marcel December 21, 2009
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