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What people from El Salvador call each other, but if someone who is not Salvadorian calls someone by it, it can be offensive.

Also dookie.
Nickname: No estes jodiendo serote!

Dookie: Anda a ver el serote en el bano.
by Dan Castle October 13, 2006
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A hispanic term used to describe feces, ie. Shit, Crap.
Usually used when describing excrements of impressive size.
See Also: CACA
Man, somebody left a big old SEROTE in my toilet. That shit was coiled up like a snake! Yeah, I bet it was that Vato, Eddie Cruz.
by Mony Love July 15, 2003
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Spanish word for shit. Also a derogatory word for people from El Salvador mainly used by others of non-salvadorian origin.
Guy: That is a mighty big cerote.
Another Guy: Pinche serote, donde estas, cara de pene?
by Anairda January 29, 2006
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A big fucking turd that smells like it came from the Devil's ass!
My fucking sick lazy brother can't even flush. I went to take a leak this morning and there was a fucking serote the size of my forearm in the toilet.
by McLuvin505 May 02, 2008
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it's an Spanish word and is mostly used in El Salvador Guatemala and Honduras as a way to call anyone is your friend, but outside this countries it doesn't mean anything bad, cause it comes from 'cero' (zero) so 'cerote' is a big zero...

cerote = bitch, dumbass,
agarra la onda serote"
calm down bitch
by this_shit_again March 23, 2016
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Spanish is the only language that has a proper name for a turd so large that it must be broken up with a toilet brush before it can be flushed. It is a Serote. A Serote is also slang for Hispanics in general or their children.
Dios Mio! esta un grande Serote!
by Mud Knuckle Circus November 08, 2013
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