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Person who does not |-|4\/3 73|-| |_337 5|<1|_|_Z0|2Z!!!!11
"j00 r f3ckor"
by junner April 3, 2003
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Same as wordfuxor/word or wordfux0r/word, both 'leet' ways of saying "wordfucker/word".
"d00d, j00 R 4 f3ckor!!!1"
by junner April 3, 2003
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He's the sexiest man ever alive of course. Need I say more? Oh and it's a sacred word so don't abuse your privledge of using that word. Thank you for your cooperation.
Person A: Who were you with last night?
Person B: Wonbin of course!

.. then you walk off with the same feeling as winning lets say one billion buckaroonis? (:
by junner April 9, 2005
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She has been fucked so much it looks like she had open heart sergery.

She's so loose, she must have had open heart sergery, gross.
by junner December 4, 2003
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