A condition peculiar to high school seniors, hence the subword "senor" in senoritis. Symptons include a general apathy towards classes, homework, future i.e. college applications, restlessness and a "cannot do" attitude to surmountable school load.
Ever since Johnny complained about having Senoritis, his grades have been slipping greatly. I wonder if he can make it for the graduation.
by ocdsufferer September 12, 2006
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A rare form of obsessive-compulsive disorder where the afflicted insist upon wearing a sombrero and playing mariachi music
kid: oh noes, grandpa gots teh senoritis!
grandpa: move aside chico and pass me the tequila~
by Tentacle Mike May 17, 2006
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The disease most seniors get when about to graduate from highschool. Results in bad grades, slacking of, or incesent partying.
1. "Man, how did Carol fail that test? She's a straight A student."
"Oh, I think she just got a bad case of senoritis."
by mi. April 8, 2008
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1. A Spanish man
2. A friend of wordZygote/word
3. A player of many PC games
1. Senor ain't playin' no games.
2. I was swallowed the teleporter of Senor today.
by Thë_Sèñór April 27, 2003
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The spanish translation for "Seniors" A.K.A.- Ending the 4-year sentence of High school/College.
Chris-Dude can you believe we are finally Seniors?
Dennis-Yeah man, its been too long, Im glad we are Senors.
Chris-Senors? What the hell is that?
Dennis-Senors, you know...your last year in high school.
by Chuck Schwartz September 1, 2005
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Ultra cool dude with a wicked combover who smells like pea soup and likes to speak in catch phrases that are almost one word and not quite another.
Senor Cardgage, suspicously coming out of the bushes: "Oh, excardon me."

Homestar, passing by: "I don't know what that means . . . and you still smell like pea soup!"
by enormus December 17, 2003
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