fucking a clone/identical-in-every-way-mentally-and-physically-twin


wanting to fuck yourself literally. this is also not masturbation.
Me: Dude i would totally fuck my own clone.
My clone: Bro thats so selfcest but im into it
by ThatOneAsianBoi27 July 19, 2019
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fall in love with yourself like loki and sylvie
loki: i like sylvie
mobius: dude, that's selfcest wtf
by asgarddestroyer July 25, 2021
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Slashfic where a character is paired romantically or sexually with himself.

The most ridiculous, least socially accepted, and therefore the
hottest kind of pairing (im)possible.

"Do you ship Sam/Dean from Supernatural?"

"Nah, Wincest just isn't wrong enough. I ship Sylar/Gabriel Grey."

"Oh, selfcest, huh? Hot!"
by theflying_clubcup February 26, 2009
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Definition of selfcest: when you love your self because no one else will ever be good enough
Selfcest to love ones self
by Heyangel August 05, 2020
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