Someone who has smoked weed and hit a belter of a whitey
She was so stoned that She seen white

I’ve seen white before bro
by Bigsummablowout123 November 12, 2021
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A decrepit Boomer who can't quite recall what he ate for breakfast but is pretty sure he once had some spicy stories to tell. A former scene-yore.
I'm told that he was quite the ladies man in his time but don't ask him to dance dear, he's a seen-yer.
by nedvacation September 12, 2015
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An action in which someone takes all the seen in a chat.
by LVALA March 25, 2016
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A response that acknowledges that one fully and acutally has recognized a point or what another person has said.

Often used in debate to validate a point and then argue it.
GOAT: Youngbuck is the shit cuz he so gangsta.

FIGGA: True seen but Lil Jon is more gangsta.
by Big_Figga September 27, 2004
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You implore this phrase in multiple applications. For example when something great has happened to you or someone else. Also used if someone does something stupid and you unfortunately had to witness it or hear about it.
Max: Yo I just found out my boy smashed Isabella, worst thing i've seen all day
Pete: Honestly, mans finally got a body
by FloridaManNoBap May 21, 2020
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To put emphasis on a topic or saying,

To agree with someone on a topic!
That food was bangin' you seen!

I need to close that hole, you seen!
Let's smoke a bowl, you seen!

He's swampin', you seen!
Let's hit the Pais peep, you seen!
by Lilwhoaty3 June 17, 2021
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