To grasp the deep true meaning of a topic. To understand, to have a revelation
You can stop your arguing not, I see the light.
by Way Cool Rich May 3, 2007
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The upgraded version of "touch grass" used for those whom touching grass is too hard of a task. This essentially means that they are even more down bad than those who actually can go outside and touch grass, so instead they simply need to open the door and SEE natural light.
Me: "What did you done over the weekend?"
Friend: "Nothing much bro, I just played video games and watched Youtube videos all day."
Me: "Dang dude... you need to touch grass..."
Friend: "No, that's too hard for me. I rather just stay inside and play more. I'm almost at Platinum level."
Me: "Bro you need to SEE light. Just open your door at least."
by punchiron November 25, 2022
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*Officer down*
Cop 1: don't you die on me!
Cop 2:I can see the light....*dead*
by Cellboy14 September 16, 2018
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