The act of having so much fun its as good as sex.
Dave, i had such a great time last night. It was secks.
by Wade Krueger February 20, 2009
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To insert a male falice into a female vaginal.
Secks is a slang term mostly used on internet forums to bypass the swear filter. Its used in direct replacment for the word sex. Some say it orginated in small talk or off topic sections of forums, but the true orgin of the term is unknown.
"This girl wont leave me alone, what should I do?"
"butt secks her!!"
by Pete Gallagher September 21, 2006
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a common internet misspelling of sex. commonly used on fad sites like www.ytmnd.com. www.secks.us refers to young teen porn stars who "want you to have sex with them" or atleast look at the free galleries of them and beat off.
"oh yes teh buttsecks"
"i 1st did the secks when i was 14"
by dadadough August 06, 2006
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to have sex with someone on an 8 pixle game.
Secks me
by Tydeus Drakken March 30, 2003
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To have sex in a non sexual way
"oh baby i wanna secks you"
"give me 5 mins"
"kay secks me up"
then the couple starts doing it with their clothes on
by carson December 13, 2004
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