Trendy and unique, standing out from the norm
That movie was nue; different from anything I have seen lately.
by dieterlich January 27, 2010
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Friend: i gotta go home now my mom is after my games
Me: nue
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Ugly slut who really loves to give blowjobs.Can be dumb most of the times and she lies alot to get what she wants.guys like messing around with her
Hey that Nue Nue over there really can show a guy a good time
by Funnymoney342 December 4, 2008
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NUE=Nigga U Extra. Over Doing stuff, Getting on someones Nerves or Saying Something Anoying. Making Someone Mad.
DAD: Clean up your room,wash the dishes, and take out the Trash

Teacher: You got a F on your REport Card

Kid: Nue
Friend: I cant stand you. you lie about everything.

by Quentinn. :) February 11, 2010
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Nue is a creepy monster that will kill you while you sleep, and it is used about thousands years ago to scare kids and even adults. It has a torch holding in his hand and it will start to sing some REALLY REALLY REALLY creepy songs like tili tili bom(creepy Russian song, search and find it on youtube) Then you will start to feel really paranoic and to think to all moments in your life. Then in your eyes will be message DON'T LOOK BEHIND and if you will... kill you. Only way to escape death is that you have to not be scared. If you are, you will be killed. But if you aren't it will dissapear... but remember...if you see nue one will haunt you UNTIL YOUR DEATH...
Mom: Be good, kids, if you won't be, Nue will come to our house tonight and kill you all..
Kids: OMG OMG NOOO we will be good... *they are so scared*
by Darkwolfmlg June 6, 2018
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Nue er slang for snus. Typisk Odens eller Siberia.
Kan du lige kaste et stykke nue?
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Cruising down; The Block, Your Street, the main street in your neighborhood. The Avenue. A street where there is typically a lot of foot traffic or action. Street with a lot of clubs, bars, drugs, prostitutes, beggars, street vendors etc.
Aint nothin crackin off til about 11pm we might as well just ride the nue.
by Trinide April 30, 2007
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