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Person who is best friends with you only during a sport or time of the year that you spend together. Usually very fake and over-friendly.
"John just walked past me in the hall and didn't say anything."
"He's SUCH a seasonal friend."
by The Classic Abrahams April 04, 2009
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A friend who seems to always want to do something during one season (summer, for example), then seems to drop off the face of the earth once the other season rolls around for one reason or another (perhaps school).

One way to mitigate this type of friend is to share in common interests during more than just the months where they seem to have the most time.
"Man, Tanner hasn't wanted to do anything in ages."
"yeah, I know that feel."
"Darn Seasonal Friends."
by MM3K September 29, 2012
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seasonal friend: a person who only comes around during a certain season or multiple seasons
ie: Evan is a great friend during the summer when were at the lake its great because he covers for Tom when snowmobiling and motocross is over glad we can all have such great seasonal friends
by siyanora April 11, 2013
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