Comedic writer, video game reviewer, columnist for Electronic Gaming Monthly magazine, Super Friends enthusiast. Robotic killing machine (unconfirmed)

Known for his open nerdiness and pop culture appreciation but even more for his hilarious mastery of descriptive, analogy-driven comedy.

Seanbaby is the closest thing to an Internet Comedic Writer God.
Seanbaby recounting his ex-girlfriend's reaction to playing Aquaman:

"She played it for a few minutes, I assume to help understand why I hate my life, and ended up saving an Atlantean prisoner. With a flourish, he said "Thank you, Aquaman!" and swam off. She replied, "You're welcome, fellow underwater fag!" Then a beat. And then, "This sucks."
by FlowersInMidgar September 28, 2006
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Possibly the funniest and most awesomely kickass human being ever. Writes, which never updates. Still, there are lots of old articles.
seanbaby rocks my face.
by Foggy September 19, 2003
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The funniest man alive. Has much to say on news, video games, and crappy old movies.
Seanbaby really kicked ass with that article about that crappy Straight Up video.
by EnigmaticCoffeeCup April 19, 2004
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An 80's/video game fan who writes for EGM about games that suck badly, and a site for everything else.
We can all agree: Seanbaby kicks ass.
by Dark Chaos August 17, 2004
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