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St. Clair Thugs
often used by Bone Thugs-N-Harmony in their songs,the name of a street in Cleveland where they've lived
Bizzy Bone:
Gotta give P's to them SCT's
by Svilen Tomov November 30, 2007
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St. Clair Thugs

Bone Thugs n Harmony used to use this in a lot of their songs. They lived in Cleveland, East 99th street and St. Clair Avenue, thus St. Clair Thugs.
Fuckin' around with the SCT's will get your weed split.
by justme January 12, 2005
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abbreviation for "St. Clair Thugs"
sounds better rappin S-C-Ts! instead of 'St. Clair Thugs'

"It's time now for givin up respect to them SCTs from CLE!' East 1999, Bone Thugs n Harmony
by iverbballer September 16, 2007
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A technique/method used by many people in stressful and unnerving situations. It involves the shaking of the head and/or entire body rapidly, until stress or anxieties disappears.
"I was so stressed during my maths test I had to use SCT"
by Luck10987 November 23, 2018
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is an abbreviation for Socially Camouflaged Targeting System. This is a system invented for self-defence in which you move your hands or posture in a socially acceptable way but increasing your advantage for a pre-emptive strike I.e: you raise your hands without adopting an offence stance and then twatting him when you think you've convinced him you're a soft target, and because you had your hands up in a ''oh god i'm scared'' sort of way gives a more false inpression of dominance whilst shortening the time it takes to strike.
An S.C.T.S:

Offender: Oi you, gimme your money
You:*hands come up in a surrender pose*
alright mate i don't want an.....

*Whack, and then run*
by Karshy November 14, 2009
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Abbreviation for Sucks Corpse Testicles, an official Ahmieism. Refers to when a situation is just really awful and you would rather not deal with it.
Aw man, waking up at 6:00 AM on an hour of sleep can really SCT.
by InkyGoil September 17, 2018
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'Sorry Can't Talk'

'SCT' is a polite but direct way to be used in online chat and, if deemed necessary, in public. Usually used when an online chat program like Skype, MSN, Facebook signs you on without noticing and you need to communicate to friends that you dont want to be rude but dont want to, or cannot talk, when they suddenly, and often unexpectedly begin talking to you.
*Sound indicator that someone is chatting to you*
Facebook chat friend: Ay bro! Long time no talk!
Facebook chat friend: How you been!?
You: SCT!!
Facebook chat friend: Oh, not a problem man spk soon.
You: Cheers

*Convo over*
by KevJay April 26, 2010
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