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Stealing fruit, especially apples, from someone else's trees. British. It's considered less bad than, say, shoplifting, but adults still disapprove.
by Kylee August 11, 2003
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The act of stealing apples from a cider orchard. (The word comes from Scrumpy cider) This term cannot be applied to a town or city enviroment. For example you couldn't steal a stereo and call it 'urban scrumping'
Giles was caught scrumping from Mr. Johnsons farm on Tuesday
by urbann00b January 09, 2005
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the act of stealing apples, nothing more. Either stealing froma tree, orchard or store. The one who scrumps is called the scrump or scrumper.
When Glen asked about the apples, Phil said that he went scrumping at Todd's house.
by Arshakuni October 09, 2007
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Stealing apples. Not to be confused with oggy raidingwhich is actually a form of anal intrusion with fruit, mostly enjoyed by peope chained to radiators.
I went scrumping in Paddy's field yesterday. Ah it was a hell of a craic. Ho ho ho. Mad as a box of frogs me!
by Sir Terrence of Wogan July 21, 2005
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To scrump. The act of sexual intercourse without romantic implications often in an awkward, uncomfortable setting.
Bill's back is sore from scrumping Sue in the port-a-john behind the drive-in last night.
by Slone Brooke October 21, 2008
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The art of getting from A to B purely by means of running through people's property, turning over as much lawn furniture and stealing as many pegs as possible along the way. Est. 2009 in NZ.
I was almost caught scrumping by Mrs Atkinson.
by jimmya May 09, 2012
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When a man and a woman must get it on, the redneck term is used when two people leave a party to do the deed quickly and return with knowing nods to their friends. Best done in a truck and in the woods.
I left a bonfire once with a girl to scrump (verb) in the woods breifly only to return and contimue with the party. So the act of scrumping would be defined as a quicky in an strange place during a strange time
by teveler November 17, 2005
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