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pleasing yourself infront of the mirror (sexually) often for the benefit of yourself and sometimes others. people have the incentive to carry out a mirror wank because they find themself aesthetically pleasing. however it is advised not to do this infront of crazy mirrors as this could cause a false sense of confidence or a feeling of belittlement depending on the convexity of the mirror.
'hey bro, i just had an awesome mirror wank'
by joshco95 November 11, 2013

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The act in which one inserts there nose up another's anus in order to gain there approval, thus resulting in a brown complexion on the tip of their nose. The use of 'brown nose' is generally metaphorical however can also adopt a literal meaning.
'dude, youre such a brown nose'
'i know man, i just want his approval'
by joshco95 November 12, 2013

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the act which blends 'scratching' and 'humping' which is a sexuallly based activity. it can involve 2 or more people and is normally seen as a pleasurable activity. however it must be done in the right manner, scratching too hard can result in unpleasant injuries to the scrotum or other areas, but too soft can make it an awkward encounter of rubbing and meriment.
' i wa scrumping this girl so hard my nail broke'
by joshco95 November 12, 2013

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a blending of the word 'hench' and 'dark' used by a popular footballing icon. it refers to someone who is well built and this can also include the penis. for example 'my penis is well dench'. however it can also be used an adjective. it is generally a word used by male teenagers who are insecure and twattish.
by joshco95 November 12, 2013

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