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A person with no experience in software development that read a few books on Agile development and is acting like an expert.
I can't believe we hired that agile development coach, he's a total scrumbag.
by {:} September 26, 2017
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A person that is not being a team player in a Scrum meeting. (Agile Product Development Reference)
That person is such a scrumbag!
by HARMonicaJoy November 26, 2015
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A step above a scumbag: a person whom you once regarded highly but upon spending more time with them, you find that person demonstrates questionable habits, morals, or ethics.
I thought he was a great guy at first but he turned out to be a total scrumbag.
by alliemcinfc November 03, 2014
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A large duffle or tote bag used to store and carry rugby gear.
"Hey Joe! where's the scrum bag we need to get this game under way!"
by D. Swan November 02, 2007
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